I will record 3 Percussion tracks for your song for $45

In Percussion 100% Guarantee By Reinaldo Ocando

I will record 3 Percussion tracks for your song for $45

Academic and Popular Percussionist. Specialty in the performance of Vibraphone, Drums Set, Marimba, Flamenco Cajon, Udu, Venezuelan Maracas, Bongo, Timbal, etc.
Vibraphone, Musser Pro Vibes M 55. Marimba, Majestic R420. Drum Set Yamaha, Stage Custom. Cymbals Zildjian K, K Hybrid, KZ, Sabian Vault, Hand Hammered, AAx among other. Cajon Pearl. Bongo Lp Raul Rekow. Udu Lp. Timbal Lp Tito Puente. Afro-Venezuelan and Afro-Zulian Percussion. Interface PreSonus Firepod. Akg microphones, Perception 420, P 17, R2, P4, C1000S, Shure SM57, among other.

For this service I offer to record two tracks with minor percussion instruments, using a maximum of 4 microphones. You can choose between Timbal, Congas, Bongo, Udu, Flamenco Cajon, Darbuka, Tambourine, Suspended Cymbals, Chimes, Wind Chimes, Maracas, Venezuelan Maracas, Guiro, Clave, Vibra-tone, Castanets, among others. And an Afro-Zulian percussion set that includes, tambora, furro, charrasca, chimbanguele drums, and more ...

Demo Percussion

A short song, recorded only with percussion instruments, the first part with a tribal spirit and then Latin fusion
  • Demo Percussion

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