Hand Percussion For Your Track for $75

In Percussion 100% Guarantee By Larry Salzman

Hand Percussion For Your Track for $75

Top quality percussion tracks from a reliable and established professional with over 600 TV/film credits. Please read my reviews and feel free to message me with any questions. I stand behind all my work with a 100% guarantee. I specialize in online / remote-based recording sessions.

Stems/files via Dropbox are included into the rate. This is for five instruments of your choice. My services are work for hire, with no commercial usage fees. For songs over 4 min's 30 additional rates may apply. I always send reference tracks with my parts added for review/corrections. When you're happy my job is done.

My name is Larry, Im a percussionist based in Southern California. I offer my remote percussion services worldwide and have online recording credits in over 55 countries.

I understand the communication,sensitivity and follow through associated with online recording work. To date, I have completed over 1400 individual online sessions through various online-based session platforms. I have done projects ranging from D.I.Y. artists to Walt Disney Studios.

Recording gear (a formidable signal chain) Neve/ UA pre's and Maag EQ's. Microphones: Beyer Dyn M160 Ribbon, SM57 (pair), AKG D112, AKG C1000, Electro Voice EV-20, AKG 414 XLS, AKG 414 TL II, Shure KSM 141 (pair), Blue Bluebird, Sennheiser 421, Audix D6, Audio Technica ATM 450, ATM 25, Lewitt LCT 640 , Lewitt REX 340, Aston Origin (pair) iMac 3.6GHz 8-core Intel Core i9 Mogami cabling, Apogee convertors

Drum type Instruments: Conga, bongo, cajon, djembe. timbales, talking drum, udu , doumbek, snare drum, floor toms, frame drums (riqq pandeiro, bendir, tar,) castanets, berimbau, washboard, roto toms, octobans.

Auxiliary percussion: Shakers (caxixi,maracas, tube and egg shakers) triangle, guiro, clave, plastic/wood blocks, tambourines,spoons, African/South American bells. This is a partial list, my instrument inventory is around 700 pieces or more.

Effect percussion: Singing bowls, gongs, energy chimes, wind chimes, tingsha cymbals, rattles, mouth harps.

Electronic percussion, Nord 3P,Korg Wavedrum,

Below are my recording portfolios. Listen to before and after examples of past online sessions. There are two examples of each song, the first without percussion and the second with my parts added.

Various stylistic examples 1

various hand perc
  • Various stylistic examples 1
  • Various stylistic examples 2
  • Various stylistic examples 3
  • Various stylistic examples 4
  • Various stylistic examples 5
  • Various stylistic examples 6

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