Space My Track - Hear your music Differently for $35

In Song Production By Benedict Roff-Marsh

Space My Track - Hear your music Differently for $35

What if your Death Metal song came back as a synth track? What if your Country song re-incarnated as Space Music?

This one is an odd one but may be a lot of fun for you or your fans on Socials.

Genre can become a trap. What if your core idea was reimagined as something really different? Would that help you to see something else in your work? Would it simply be a really fun thing to post to show your fans that you have a sense of humor and aren't one of those "Dub/Country/Metal is the only style out there" Nazis?

You provide me the MIDI of at least the core of a track (usually Chords & maybe a melody) or a MIDI File of the whole thing and I will return that material rendered using synths. I need a MIDI File incl Tempo & Key/Scale.

If you provide a whole track, I will mostly deliver that but you can ask me to be a bit bold and totally space it out. If you provide only part of the track that is ok too. Just be open to where I take it. This job is about allowing yourself not to be white-knuckle in-control all the time. So as such no revisions; if you are polite, I may take your idea, or not.

No specific length or requirements but usual song lengths apply. This is not for me to create symphonies. Or your next Hyper Pop Top 40 chart assault - altho I have nothing against your trying so long as my credit is on the track.

I am not against including your vocals but if that is to be then you need to provide vocals+ vocal melody MIDI first and understand that I might just Vocode them so you sound like a Cylon. While not intended as a Song development service, if you are open, I am but you MUST have a vocal melody, vocals already recorded, and MIDI or I can't play.

If you happen to be a Reason user I am delighted to get the project file. I am always on the latest version.

For the delivery time, I have put 14 days. It doesn't take this long at all but it is work I do around other properly paid jobs so go easy if it is not done overnight. It will get done. I always deliver. I have 80+ albums and awards on films to prove that.

  • Country
  • Rock
  • Rockabilly
  • Classical
  • Jazz

Eagles - Hotel California

Electronic Realization
  • Eagles - Hotel California
  • A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran (So Far Away)
  • Midsomer Murders TV Theme

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