Music Production for $399

In Song Production By Greg Carrillo

Music Production for $399

Greg Carrillo is a Nashville based music Producer, Writer and Multi Instrumentalist. With 23 plus years of recording and world touring experience Greg has found his forever home in the studio after decades of honing his crafts. He's worked under such producers as Tony Battaglia(Joe Walsh, Shinedown, NSYNC, RUN DMC). Pete Thornton(Susan Tudeschi, Paramore, Limp Bizkit) and James Wisner(Amy Winehouse, Dashboard Confessional, Underoath).

I use Neve Preamps, API Eq's, Empirical Labs Distressors, Burl conversion, UAD software, ProTools, Sequential Circuits Synthesis

  • Ambient
  • Blues
  • Country
  • Hard Rock
  • Pop
  • Singer-Songwriter

Middle of The Crowd

Synth Pop
  • Middle of The Crowd
  • Say It Ain't So
  • Tamagotchi

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