Mastering for $30

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Mastering for $30

With many years of experience in music production we know how to make a winning product and bring your music to a new level.

✓ Industry-Standard quality sound
✓ Extra versions included (Instrumental, Acapella, etc.)
✓ Optimized for streaming

• Send us your files in the best quality available along with any reference tracks, notes and suggestions that you think may be useful.
• Remove from your master bus all compressors, EQ and any other plugins you have used for mastering purposes.
• Leave about 6 dBs of headroom.
• Export your mix as a WAV or AIFF file using the same sample rate and bit rate as the session from which you export.
• You can attach small files directly in the AirGigs platform. For large files we recommend using WeTransfer (

→ Please note: the delivery time indicated is for one song only. If you want to place more songs in the same order and you want to know the estimated delivery time in advance, contact us before placing your order.

If you have any question please contact us.

Mastering Demo 1 - AFTER

WBM Studio
  • Mastering Demo 1 - AFTER
  • Mastering Demo 1 - BEFORE
  • Mastering Demo 2 - AFTER
  • Mastering Demo 2 - BEFORE
  • Mastering Demo 3 - AFTER
  • Mastering Demo 3 - BEFORE
  • Mastering Demo 4 - AFTER
  • Mastering Demo 4 - BEFORE
  • Mastering Demo 5 - AFTER
  • Mastering Demo 5 - BEFORE
  • Mastering Demo 6 - AFTER
  • Mastering Demo 6 - BEFORE

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