Master Your Song in 24 Hours for $30

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Master Your Song in 24 Hours for $30

You need mastering for your song, so why not hire a top-rated professional?

I am here to bring your song to another level with mastering in 24 hours. With professional-level Compression, EQ, Stereo Enhancements and Limiting, I will enhance your track to have the punch and pop you're looking for. I will also bring the volume up to industry standards to make it competitive with major label releases.

The process is simple.
You send me your final mix and I will send you high-quality and release-ready mastered audio files.

You will receive a 48kHz, 24bit or 248kHz, 16bit wav file as well as an mp3. If you need a file bounced in a specific way, please let me know.

Upon delivering the tracks, I will gladly make 2 revisions. However, if any changes require you to send a new file for me to process, an additional fee will be required.

Please reach out to discuss your timeline and to make sure I can deliver within 24 hours if needed. While most of the time I can, I cannot guarantee I am always available to deliver your song in 24 hours.

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