2X Grammy Winning Analog Mastering SPECIALIST for $80

In Mastering By Camilo Silva F. Mastering.

2X Grammy Winning Analog Mastering SPECIALIST for $80

2X Grammy-winning mastering specialist with over 4.5 BILLION streams (Source: Muso.AI). Analog-tape mastering. World-class mastering skills and technology at your disposal. Analog, tape, and custom gear all over the place!

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Credits include: Aitana, Maluma, Paula Arenas, Carlos Vives, Andres Cepeda, Morat, Alkilados, Ventino, Shallow Side.

Camilo realized that to get the best results, he needed to build and equip a mastering room with his specifications and top-notch design and technology. Being such a tinkerer, he's decided to build something unique to offer to his clients: He's built many of his room's equipment under his own Camilo Silva F. Brand, including his D/A tube converters! Camilo's gear choices are enhanced by some critical pieces of state-of-the-art analog EQ, dynamics, and A/D/A conversion.

Camilo has 22+ yrs of experience, 10 of them at the legendary Estudios Audiovision, as resident Rec/Mix/Mastering engineer/studio tech. Camilo's been dedicated exclusively to Mastering since Q4/2013 in his facility.

We're Apple Certified (MFiT) mastering room!

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  • Rock
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  • EDM

Godfrey - Let Me (US)

I was the Mastering SPECIALIST on this track
  • Godfrey - Let Me (US)
  • Pablo Dazán - El Adivino (CO)
  • Moodbay - Video Games (UK)
  • Deco Halo - Phoenix
  • Tropickup - La Guaca
  • AM Dandy - Pro Logos
  • Oscar Quilca Barcelli - Una Sola Fuerza
  • Voodoo Kungfu - Rule By Legalists
  • KB Ansari - On a Dime
  • Cimarron - Autentica Llanera

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