Single Song Mastering for $70

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Single Song Mastering for $70

If you are looking for an experienced mastering engineer who will actually take the time to listen to your music and create your masters based on the actual frequency content of your mix and preserve the dynamics of your mix you’re in the right place.

I highly recommend purchasing the custom mastering sample, so you can hear what your music sounds like properly mastered.

Maximum song length 12 minutes.
1 Free Revision , additional revisions are $10 each.
Master is delivered as a high resolution stereo wav file at the bit depth, sample rate you request.

What I need from you: Send me the unprocessed (no buss compression) final stereo mix of your song in 24Bit wav format and make sure your mix is not peaking at 0dB or clipping (-6dB is ideal).

Delivery time averages 2-4 days from the day I receive your mix for one song, yet may take longer depending on the number of concurrent studio clients I have at the time.
If you purchase multiple songs mastered at one time delivery time may be 14-30 days.
If your project is time sensitive, please contact me before purchasing.

Eowyn's Lament by Losfer Words

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  • Eowyn's Lament by Losfer Words
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  • Riders of Rohan by Losfer Words

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