Mastering - Making a great mix into a Killer Master for $55

In Mastering By Jason Hall

Mastering - Making a great mix into a Killer Master for $55

I'll take your mix and take it to its fullest potential. It will be mastered for iTunes and radio ready!
If your mix is not ready or how you want it, I can help with that too! Just take a look at my other services on my profile.
I have worked with my major label and independent artists over the years and currently work out of my studio in Nashville, called Hot Lava Studio.

I work in Pro Tools 12 and utilize many software plugins as well as many mastering grade analog outboard pieces that make your song sound like a record.

Some of these analog outboard pieces include:
Summit EQP-200a
Summit DCL-200
Neve 33609
Pair of Neve 1073's
Pair of 1176's

I typically master with 1-2 revisions, but if more are necessary, that's not a problem.
I will need a stereo non-mastered .wav file. And if you plan on doing a few with me as an EP or an entire album, please let me know. This helps with maintaining continuity so that your songs sound like they came from the same album

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