Professional Mastering on 5 different sound systems! for $125

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Professional Mastering on 5 different sound systems! for $125

I will master your project - making it album-ready (and/or broadcast-ready) on any sound system from smartphones to large arenas. I believe "mastering" isn't just about using fancy plugins; it's about the ear, and I liken myself to have some pretty good ears (but I'll let the audio examples (below) speak for themselves).
What sets my service apart, is that I master on FIVE (yes, five) different sound systems to ensure optimum results.

setup #1 - Yamaha HS7 powered monitors in an acoustically treated studio (using Sonar Works Reference 4)

setup #2 - Two PA speakers (Yamaha Stage PAS 600i) with a 10" KRK sub woofer.

setup #3 - ATH M50x headphones.

setup #4 - SE846 in-ear monitors.

setup #5 - Galaxy s10e+ smartphone

I use many plugins, but some of my favorites are: iZotope ozone, Steven Slate FGX, FabFilter Pro-MB, and the Waves Aphex Vintage Exciter,
I allow two (free) revisions ( three versions total). However, if you're a perfectionist and need more revisions, I do offer more revisions, each for a small fee.

If your project gets used commercially (or you indent it it to be used commercially, including TV shows, movies, short films, radio, podcast, etc) you must let me know in order to ensure proper filing for the AFM union (of which I am a member), and for royalty purposes. Don't worry - I will take take the brunt of the filing process. Thanks!

To clarify, maximum days does not include revisions. Each revision will take anywhere from 2 hours (min), to 48 hour (max).


An original. Produced and Mastered.
  • Glyde
  • Wacker Drive
  • Meant to Be
  • Stuck In a Game I Don't Want to Play

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