Music For Your Novel/AudioBook/Comic for $39

In Song Production By Alireza Vejdani

Music For Your Novel/AudioBook/Comic for $39

My name is Alireza.
I am an experienced composer / Orchestrator/music producer of film and television scores, Trailers, Games, and Pop/Rock Songs. I also specialize in virtual orchestrations & mock-ups in a variety of music genres. My works have been performed on Tv Programs worldwide, including award-winning signature PBS series.
I offer blockbuster-quality Cinematic music for your novel, audiobook, or comic book in any genre you need.

The fee is low because I just created an air gigs account and want to add reviews.
I'd love to hear about your project.

Thank you

  • Classical
  • Electronic
  • Opera
  • Musical theatre
  • Metal
  • World

Holidays With Hags

Adventure Orchestral
  • Holidays With Hags
  • Revolution

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