Full Package: Producing, Mixing, and Mastering (calibrated sounded system) for $475

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Austin Deadman

Full Package: Producing, Mixing, and Mastering (calibrated sounded system) for $475

I will produce your song or idea form start to finish.

- Unlimited tracks *
- Vocal tuning / timing / editing.
- Unlimited Percussion (Latin/Brazilian/cinematic) - see instrumentation below.
- Acoustic drums.

PREMIUM (check out my profile)
- Real-life Yamaha G1 Grand Piano
- Male lead & background vocals.

*I DO NOT play guitar or bass. However, I have connections to Chicago's TOP session players. I can give you an estimate - just send me a message!)

If your project gets used commercially (or you indent it it to be used commercially, including TV shows, movies, short films, radio, podcast, etc) you must let me know. This will ensure proper filing with the AFM (of which I am a member). I will handle the majority of the paperwork :)

Nord Stage 2 EX 88
Novation Mini Nova
Yamaha G1 Grand.
Korg M3R

Focusrite pro 40 & Clarett 8 pre

I have so many plugins; too many to name!

Logic Pro X

AKG C1000s (x1)
AKG C451e (x2)
AKG C414 (x1)
AKG D112
Audix D2
Rhode NT5 (x2)
SM57 (x2)
Neumann TLM 103 (x1)

Mapex Meridian Maple 5-piece
22" x 18" bass drum
12" x 9" tom and 13" x 10" tom
16" x 16" floor tom
CUSTOM 14" x 5-1/2" Sapele wood snare drum
14" x 5-1/2" Tama Snare
14" x 4-1/2" Beat Boogie metal snare.

Taye 3-piece jazz kit
18" x 14" bass drum
12"x 8" tom
14" x 14" tom

18" A Custom
16" K Session Crash
17" Sabian x-plosion fast crash
18" China cymbal (de-faced).
20" K ride
20" vintage "dead" ride (lathe finish, de-faced)
20" Zildjian flat ride (great for jazz applications)
14" sabian hand-hammered hi hats
RARE 15" vintage Zildjian hi hats (great for jazz applications).
14" DH stagg hi hats
12" Wuhan splash
11" Sabian vault splash
10" aax ozone

LP Aspire Congas (11" quinto and 12" conga) - fiberglass.
LP Ardiente bongos
Meinl mountable tambourine (bright tone); 28 jingles
LP150 cyclops tambourine (dark tone)
Meinl recording tambourine; 32 jingles - nickel
LP one shot (pair)
LP 441T blue shaker
LP440 silver shaker
Meinl Luis Conte black studio shaker
Meinl Luis Conte black stadium shaker
Meinl spark shaker
JamBlock - high
JamBlock - medium
Double Sambago Jamblock (pair)
LP high cb
LP low cb
Remo Thunder drum (large)
CUSTOM Egyptian doumbek (small)
LP hybrid guiro+shaker
Meinl aluminum darbuka.
Treeworks mark tree 44 bar
Treeworks triangle
CUSTOM keychime

So Will I (Cover)

Produced by Austin Deadman
  • So Will I (Cover)
  • Sphere (Cover)
  • Glyde
  • Wacker Drive
  • Lift
  • If I Had Time

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