TV / Film Sync music - tons of placements for $499

In Song Production By Justin Morgan

TV / Film Sync music - tons of placements for $499

Our productions have been heard on NBC, FOX, FOX Sports, UFC, MTV, The CW, Netflix originals, FreeForm, National Advertisements, Promos, Movie trailers, and multiple movies. We have also garnered millions of streams and views on youtube.

We have a lot of experience knowing what catches the ear of music supervisors and we bring that experience to every production we do! Our productions are airing on TV every week!

This price includes a work for hire track of your song including 5 instruments. We then send you the track to sing your vocal over or hire a vocalist. If your song needs more production, you can upgrade to the unlimited instrument package for $200 more.

If you would like our in house male vocalist (with major placements) to sing the vocal, there will be an additional $250 charge. Vocals will be considered work for hire.

Welcome To The Fire

Rock/ Alternative / Trailer
  • Welcome To The Fire
  • Better Way To Fly
  • Look at Me Now
  • No Love Like Our Love
  • Come Find That Feelin
  • We'll Be Okay
  • Take Over the World

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