Nashville Production - Singer Songwriter Track Plus Vocals. for $750

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Nashville Production - Singer Songwriter Track Plus Vocals. for $750

Hi, My name is Jed Demlow. I am a Nashville based Producer, Musician and Mixer. and I'm glad YOU are here! I will help you realize your musical vision for your song and deliver to you an exceptional product that you will love to show your friends and or get you noticed by industry professionals. Here's what your package includes:
Drums, Bass, Piano/Keyboard and Guitar (Acoustic or Electric) Lead vocal track by a Male or Female Nashville session singer, plus up to two harmony tracks.
Charting the song: I'll listen to your work tape or vocal track and make a chart of your song so my fellow musicians and I can quickly be ready to play your song! I will send you a simple version right away to make sure the song key, tempo, feel and chords are all correct and that you are very happy with the direction so far. When you give me the green light, we go to work! Cutting the tracks: - Having access to local Nashville musicians makes a BIG difference in the overall sound and quality of your project. I will bring in a couple of my session player friends on your song. We will send the production back and forth to each other via the amazing internet highway and never leave our studios. Bottom line is your song track will be amazing - I am blessed to have state of the art gear. Delivery: I normally deliver your track to you in stereo Wav file format.

Diamond in the Rough

Songwriter- Shane Grove
  • Diamond in the Rough
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