Drums & Bass Programming The Bare Bones Package for $155

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Drums & Bass Programming The Bare Bones Package for $155

I will program drums and bass for your song, any style, for $135 USD. This is not necessarily for Drum & Bass style songs, but it can be! Styles included are Pop, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Country, Blues, Techno, Drum & Bass (whoop there it is!), Trap, Indie (any style Indie, Metal, House, Trance, Ragtime, Salsa, Grime and more!

Three (3) revisions are included and are meant for spot-editing various sections, fills, tones and/or tuning. Revisions do not include full take do-overs. unless I create tracks in the wrong key or at the wrong tempo, etc. I'll work to make you happy. and we can communicate as much as needed up front to make sure that happens. The 1st few part ideas I send as examples are NOT counted as revisions. We'll do some back and forth before I really dig in to make sure we're in the same pocket.

Audio and MIDI tracks provided. All tracks can be delivered in isolation as separate kit pieces/stems. Just let me know...

NOTE: This is not just a beat-making service. This is full song programming and performing of drums and bass to use in a full arrangement. Countless instruments, tones, kits, sounds and styles are available. If you're looking for only beat-making, please check out my other packages at various price-points, thanks!

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