Complete Nashville demo production for $995

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Complete Nashville demo production for $995

Send me your rough work tape and I'll produce a mixed & mastered demo featuring some of Nashville's BEST musicians. $995 gets you everything - no hidden fees/charges! It includes a top-notch 6 piece band including REAL drums, percussion, BGVs… everything you need to have a KILLER Nashville demo that will compete with anything being pitched to labels, publishers, & managers. How do I know? Because I make my living producing demos & masters for some of Nashville's best artists & writers that get pitched on Music Row and sold around the world!

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  1. Review By: MartinS Apr 3, 2018

    Amazing player with great taste in both arranging and sound.

  2. Review By: ealexo87 Nov 14, 2017

    Michael is a safe pair of hands with the competency and experience to deliver commercial quality tracks.

    The stems I received were great quality and Michael's choice of effects made it easy for me to blend them into my overall mix.

    Communication was great throughout. His response time to my order was fast and I got clear timelines for when to expect submission.

  3. Review By: MartinS Mar 2, 2016

    I gave Michael almost mission impossible and he delivered. Great addition to song. Very professional and nice guy to talk to and goes further than most might be willing to go to help with the final result.

  4. Review By: amenzies Nov 13, 2015

    Absolutely fantastic musician and gentleman. Nothing short of a mistake to NOT work with him! Thanks!

  5. Review By: Jroy Mar 19, 2015

    Awesome player! Fast turnaround time! Will do business again! Good job Michael!