FULL BAND Professional Song Production - Recorded by Nashville's Best Studio Musicians for $575

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FULL BAND Professional Song Production - Recorded by Nashville's Best Studio Musicians for $575

Do it right. Don't settle for anything but the best. I can offer you a recording that not only meets your expectations, but can exceed them. I can record your music (original or cover song) in a top-rated Nashville studio using the best gear in the industry. We can even Skype or FaceTime during part of the session so you can be there in a "virtual reality" kind of way!

I've been in Nashville for over 20 years and have assembled a network of professional friends and colleagues that can make your song sound as if it's being heard on the radio. How? Because these are the same musicians recording so many of the songs you hear on the radio!! That's how! The professionals in the room with me represent a sum total of collective experience that exceeds 150 years! You can leverage my experience and relationships to create a musical product you can be proud to share!

What's the catch?... It will take longer. Due to these "A-team" musicians being in demand, I am unable to complete the project in the normal 3-5 day time frame typical of smaller projects. It may require up to 2-3 weeks. It could be less time, but it just depends on the current workload. However, it will be well worth the wait!

Full Band production typically includes 5-7 instrumentalists (live drums, bass, piano, organ, acoustic guitar, electric) plus any necessary overdubs for their parts and a basic mix. We can record Country, Rock, R&B, Pop, Jazz, originals, covers, etc...

Please let me know of your interest and we can talk about it! I'd love the opportunity to transform your song into a radio-ready tune!

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  1. Review By: smshaler Feb 1, 2019

    Super fast turnaround and professional quality performance! Audio quality was great. Prompt communication as well. Would strongly recommend.