Edit & Mix a Podcast or Audio Program for $25

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Edit & Mix a Podcast or Audio Program for $25

I offer Audio Post Production for Audio Programs like Sales Tapes, Hypnotherapy Sessions, Podcasts etc. I have been doing this work for 30 years. Mostly I work long-term with professionals like doctors, lawyers, etc so programs are behind paywalls or private.

There is a snippet of a hypnotherapy session in the Soundcloud Showreel (bottom) and you can see one of my own music-related screencasts in the Video tab (don't worry if you don't find it very interesting).

The work I do is by-hand & ear using professional tools. No magic plugins here because they do more damage than good to the Sales Power of your material. I can offer advice on getting decent recordings.

Normally we start by building a Template for your program so that all episodes match. If the program is a simple structure (recommended) this may not add any extra cost.

All work is charged out based on a per-hour basis. This can be a bit hard to pre-define but my general metric for Full Editing + Mixing: listening through the whole program making everything flow as well as possible + putting the program into the pre-built Template is:
Audio Time x 4 @ $25 ph eg 15 mins raw audio = $25, with a minimum charge out of 1 hr.

If you want less work done, like 'mixing only' where I do not need to listen to the whole program cost can be a lot less. Either way, best we have a chat first to be sure we understand the program's needs and everyone's expectations.

I will willingly fix anything that is my error. If you have set up an error, I can fix that too once we have agreed on the path & fees.

Turnaround is set to 7 days from receipt of all files (in one Zip). You may get your program back sooner but better to underpromise than underdeliver.

I am happy to have a chat to hear about your program and hopes.
Benedict Roff-Marsh

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