Podcast Mixing and Mastering for $100

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Podcast Mixing and Mastering for $100

I opened Broken Pick Recording because I noticed one of the biggest hurdles in the way of my fellow songwriters, musicians, interesting people trying to get their stories out, was not having QUALITY demos that they could use for pitching the songs they poured their heart into to potential employers, an audience, or other co-writers. I'll be the first one to tell you that the perfect song doesn't require the perfect edit, mix, master, or even an actual demo for that matter...but how many perfectly written songs are out there? ZERO. There are GREAT ones.. no doubt.. but the ones that catch people ears aren't from the "voice memo" app on your iPhone... especially when you don't have the "Name" or the connections to bypass all of the ground work an up and comer has to put in.
I put just as much love and care into each of my recording/mixing/mastering sessions as i do every song that I write. I put a lot of pride into my work because i know how it feels to put your last dollar into a recording and it come out flat and disappointing. That won't happen with me here at Broken Pick.
I do this everyday with artists/songwriters of all genres in Nashville and am offering these affordable services worldwide.

***The reason Podcast mixing and mastering is more expensive than a song is simply because listening to a 30 minute- 1 hour podcast on repeat is more time consuming and exhausting. Time is money and probably worth paying someone else to do it.. amirite?! ;)

- Know how to press record in Garageband or Logic, or Protools and nail that but not musc more? Missing that top ten podcast sound? NO WORRIES!

- Play around in Garageband and think you're on to something but feel like its "just missing" what you're streaming or hearing on the radio? I got you!

-As long as the recordings are solid ( no clipping, big "B" or "P" air breaths into the mic, etc) then I can almost always fix it in Post Production.

***if the audio recording you send me isn't salvageable then I'll try to let you know as soon as I check it out and refund your money.

*** Please keep in mind, this is not any kind of Production. My Job is to turn your audio into pristine and professionally sounding Podcasts/songs/recordings. I don't feel comfortable giving you feedback on your content, lyrics, production decisions, etc simply because of artistic differences. Audio Engineering however is pretty straight forward and I'll give it all i have in that department

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