Master a Song for $30

In Mastering By Benedict Roff-Marsh

Master a Song for $30

I will take your stereo Wave File mixdown and make it ready for publication. 16/44 CD Quality ready for Bandcamp, YouTube etc.
(not suited for vinyl pressing).

While I aim not to change the sound of your mix, I also aim to have your song work as a "whole". I will be looking at how to achieve that whole with actions like: groove (or glue) compression, saturation, reverb, eq, clipping, and some limiting (but I keep limiting minimal). Everything is done by ear and experience (no formulas or cloning).

Best to talk to me be BEFORE so I have heard your song mixdown (with no master processing) and what you expect. Even better if you have listened to my work: client & personal to understand my style.

This does not include mixing as that should already be done and sound the way you want it to (only a bit quiet). My job here is to bring the final levels up to around 0 VU with no clipping and a great feel.

  • Americana
  • Blues
  • Christian
  • Country
  • Rock
  • Electronic

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