Tell the Story of your Song with Video for $80

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Tell the Story of your Song with Video for $80

I will create a Lyric or similar Music Video to suit your song from your Assets Supplied. I make videos for my own songs. People started asking me to make videos for them too. They were delighted.

I think the reason that people are happy with my videos is that I really take the time to try to tell the story. I don't just throw images at the page and pretend it is good, I work to tell the Story of the Song. This is exactly what I do when Mixing or Composing a record so why be any different when making a video - even if the assets are simple.

The Rules (there are always rules):
- You must provide all the Assets which are music, images (~15), text, and a running sheet of when they should be used.
- If you have needs, tell me early, even ask before hiring. If I can't do it, I will advise and decline.
- If I ask a question, please respond quickly and openly. Unanswered Q can put you at the end of my work roster.
- If you want assets that you cannot supply you MUST ASK FIRST. I may be able to build this for you in a vector or rendering package but I need to quote that first.
- Sometimes I may add another asset or extra effort to the project. This is at my discretion and not to be assumed.
- I am a Creative like you so please respect that you are hiring me not to be your puppet but to bring my thing. If the video I send back surprises you, sleep on it. I have an odd habit of seeing things others don't - or do but ignore.
- I do not offer revisions for this price. If it is my mistake I will naturally and graciously fix it. If you made a mistake either by not explaining something you needed or by spelking yer kats nyme pourly I reserve the right to ask for more fees. This is only fair for the price compared to what I will do for you.
- I put 7 days for completion. It may be less, all depends on what is on my plate. Please don't assume overnight without clarifying this clearly with me first.
- I always reserve the right to put my name on the video in credits and show the work in my public portfolio. I prefer to embed your YouTube but if you didn't send it to me, I will use my file (usually unlisted). Both of these things are common industry courtesy.

The only exception to any of these rules is by prior agreement here in a conversation BEFORE purchase. I am a friendly chap if you are a friendly person doing something interesting.


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