Mix Engineer with 20+ years experience for $300

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Mix Engineer with 20+ years experience for $300

I don't do your typical, high gloss pop mixes. Nothing wrong with them, it's just not what I prefer to work on. I'm looking for bands and artists who want something else. Something smooth, natural, organic. Or raw, aggressive, and loud. That's where I like to be. If that's the sound you want, let's talk. I'm new to airgigs, but have 20+ years recording and mixing music. I'm also a musician and have helped write and release over 100 songs over the years.

I mostly work in Pro Tools, in the box, so to speak. I do have some analog gear I like to use to add some grit or warmth when needed. A couple neve clones (vintech x73i) and some custom tube preamps that I like for getting some grit. I can also re-amp guitars through my customized peavey delta blues 210 or fender vibro champ amps. And my 17 guitar pedals, some of which I built myself from kits online. Otherwise I have all I need in the box.

I like to take a day to really immerse myself in each song, then you'll have up to 5 revisions to help dial in the mix beyond that. Make sure you listen to your mixes in multiple spots. On your headphones, in the car, on some nice speakers, terrible speakers, wherever. You'll get a feel for what's working and what's not.

So if we work together, what do you get back at the end? You get your mixed songs back, obvoiusly. I'll include session files if you want them. You should probably get an alt mix with no vocals (helpful if you try to get placement in film/tv/commercial spots). And I'd love to share some highlights of working with you on social media, and time some of them around when you release your music to help you with promotion. I want you to be successful!

If all this sounds good to you, then take the next step and reach out. I'm offering a money back guarantee here on airgigs for the time being, so there's no risk for you.

Looking forward to hearing your music!

Jon Lesher

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Innamoramento (rock)

Slower rock song by the band Add Moss. Very reverby! Recorded and mixed (and some guitar) by Jon Lesher
  • Innamoramento (rock)
  • We Have The Future (pop/rock)
  • Slumlords Of Utopia (punk/metal)
  • A Tomb For All Thrones (rock)
  • Finn's Heartbreak (acoustic)
  • Reflection (jazz)

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