Mixing Mastering Udi Levy for $100

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Mixing Mastering Udi Levy for $100

My name is Udi Levy, I'm a sound engineer, session guitar player and a music teacher located in New York City.

I’ve always found sound engineering and post production fascinating and I’m incredibly lucky to be able to help musicians – just like me – get the most out of their stem tracks.

Think about it… you’ve been composing and arranging for months or maybe even years. You’ve spent a long time looking for a professional studio to record your music, or maybe even were able to do it at home. You’ve put your heart and soul, countless hours of time and money to perfect your song. All that’s missing to seal the deal is the Mixing and Mastering, making your music sound professional and ready to be released to the world.

Communication is key, that’s why I like to work close with all my clients, making sure I understand their music and I know exactly what they want it to sound like.

I can offer a sample mixing and mastering for one of your songs, completely free of charge, so you’ll be sure you’re in the right hands and ears.

Although my specialty is Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, Jazz and Funk, I can stretch to any music genre.

Can’t wait to hear your music!!!

  • Hard Rock
  • Jazz
  • Metal
  • Prog rock
  • Reggae
  • R&B


Heavy Metal Mix
  • Siege
  • Someday -David Easton

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