Mixing your Song for $100

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Mixing your Song for $100

Make your song stick out with clear, loud and pristine mixes from a professional who loves audio, music, gear and the proper techniques for each job.

Mixing process:
- Happy to assist with composing process and arrangement if needed
- Universal Audio Analogue Gear Emulations, Waves plugins, Ozone 9
- Additional editing with Izotope RX 8 Advanced if there are any issues on the audio files provided

What you will receive ?
- Your music mixed to the desired format

Why Me ?
- Objective, results oriented, yet affable
- Over 20 years of experience in audio engineering, knowledgeable on tools and techniques to make audio sound great
- 20+ jobs completed as a freelancer, mostly on AirGigs
- Working with short feedback loops, giving you control over the quality of the final delivery
- Discrete and reliable - for more reviews go to https://audiogeek11.com

  • EDM
  • Hard Rock
  • Hip Hop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock

Baddest in the Game/Call it what you Want

An example of Hip Hop music
  • Baddest in the Game/Call it what you Want
  • Cinematic Major Rise
  • Upbeat Rock

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