Audio Repair for $60

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Audio Repair for $60

With many years of experience in music production we know how to make a winning product and bring your music to a new level.

✓ For music and post production
✓ Repair, restoration and enhancement of musical recordings, dialogue and voiceovers (fixing audio clipping, noise reduction, removing clicks, pops, hums and other unwanted noises, reverberation reduction in dialogues, isolation of dialogues from background)

• High-end acoustic room made by Oudimmo Acoustic Design
• Steinberg Cubase Pro (always updated)
• World-Class plugins and virtual instruments
• RME Digiface USB
• Ferrofish Pulse16 AD/DA Converter
• SSL Fusion Analog Master Processor
• Warm Audio Bus-Comp VCA Compressor
• Warm Audio WA273-EQ British Preamp and EQ
• Dynaudio BM15A
• Adam Audio T7V
• Sony MDR-7506 Headphones
• Sonarworks SoundID Reference Speaker Calibration System

• Send us your files in the best quality available along with any notes and suggestions that you think may be useful.
• You can attach small files directly in the AirGigs platform. For large files we recommend using WeTransfer (

→ Please note: the cost refers to a total length of the audio material to be processed up to 120 seconds. If your audio material exceeds this length, before placing your order tell us in total how many minutes of material you have and what you need. Within 24 hours, we will write back with a discounted custom offer.

If you have any question please contact us.

  • Pop
  • Electronic
  • Rock
  • Hip Hop
  • World
  • Singer-Songwriter

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