Beat Maker/Producer/Mixer/Keyboard Player for $100

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Beat Maker/Producer/Mixer/Keyboard Player for $100

I'm a producer with years of experience in a lot of different styles, actually focusing on Trap, Rap and Pop. Anyway I have worked in a lot of experimental projects, including jazz, experimental rock, instrumental hip hop and IDM, so I offer an out of the box thinking always. I can produce your song from scratch to the final mastered file.

I was born in Argentina, I studied piano since I was a child. At the age of 17, I moved to Buenos Aires where I studied piano at EMC (Jazz, Berklee international network) and at UNA (Classical) and production at Sonica (private music production institute). I moved to London this year.
During my years in Buenos Aires, I acquired a lot of experience first as a keyboard player, playing in gigs all around the city during years, essentially in the Jazz scene. During this period I have studied composition and arrangements as well.
When I was 24 years old I started producing, and a couple of years later I started my own experimental project of IDM and instrumental Hip Hop under the name of Utsupra, which you can find in every streaming service. During this period I played the role of producer, keyboard player and sound designer in the experimental rock band Pleamar.
Currently, I focus on Trap, Rap, and Pop music. My strongest points are composition, beat making, producing, sound design and mixing, but I can do Digital mastering as well. I'm well connected, so if you want to have some real musicians recording in your track I can organize that (ask for costs).

Sample trap beat

I composed, played, mixed and mastered everything in this track
  • Sample trap beat
  • Mañanas
  • Quizas
  • Pool trip

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