I will record from jazz quartet to real big band for $300

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I will record from jazz quartet to real big band for $300

I'm Manuel Trabucco, one of the most popular saxophonists on this platform. Together with professional musicians we can record your music with real instruments: from ensemble quartet to real big band.

Real Jazz Quartet (Sax, Piano, Bass, Drums) - 250 dollars

Real Ensemble (7 instruments: rhythm section + horns section) - 450 dollars

Real Big Band (16 instruments) - 650 dollars

How does it work?

Tell me about your song: what is the purpose of the music? what requests do you have?
What kind of service do you need? How many instruments do you need? Which package fits your needs?

What do i need? I need sheet music. Do you have the sheet music? Do you need an arrangement?
Place an order: Once the details have been defined, place an order or let me send you a personalized offer.

Additional services:

Scores and charts
Special arrangements
Additional guitar track
Mixing and mastering
Special price for entire albums

!!!We can play any musical genre: Jazz, Latin, Funk, Pop, Bossa-nova, Swing!!!

Prices may change according to the requested services - length of the song - difficulty of the musical scores

!!!Before sending to me order, write to me and agree in more detail about your song!!!

  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Latin
  • Swing
  • Lounge
  • Funk

The Jazz Police

Funk Big Band
  • The Jazz Police
  • For Lena and Lenny

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