Music-minus-one, Karaoke, for $50

In Backing Bands By David Blickstein

Music-minus-one, Karaoke, for $50

I can take pretty much any song (yours, your favorite artists, etc) and create any of the following for you:

- Karaoke mix (original backing tracks, including backing vocals but no lead vocals)
- Isolated parts
- Vanity remix - replace the original singers vocals with yours including pitch correction, processing, FX, and full audio production.

Optionally I can change the tempo, the key and do some editing (eliminating, repeating verses, etc.)

And... I can do most projects for between $50 and $100 depending on your needs.

Peg - Karaoke

The original Steely Dan backing tracks including vocals
  • Peg - Karaoke

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