Full band recordings - Royalty free for $350

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Full band recordings - Royalty free for $350

We are a Music School, and above teaching we also offer the service of full band recordings. As a group, we are able to play different styles and we are capable of reaching your goals with the following instruments:
-Electric guitar
-Acioustic guitar
-Male and female vocalists
-Strings (cello and violin)
-Piano and synth

The microphones we use are:
-Shure sm57 (x3)
-Shure sm7b
-Aston Spirit
-Shure beta 52
-Custom sub kick
-Audio technica At2020 (x2)
-Shure sm58 (x3)
-Ribbon Art M-5

Our service includes recording, editing, mixing and mastering the track.

Royalty free!

  • Blues
  • Country
  • Folk
  • Funk
  • Pop-Rock
  • Pop

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