Online Setup session for Home Studio for $20

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Online Setup session for Home Studio for $20

Home Studio is where the magic happens. Music, podcasts, videos, you name it!

Now with so many options, making the right choices and getting it all up and running can be a bit overwhelming.

Computer, DAW, interface, gear, plugins...

Looking in forums and YouTube videos can be time consuming - so this gig is designed to bring you solutions without the hassle.

Examples of things you can ask:
- Find a setup that fits your budget;
- Tips and tricks to get the most out of your studio;
- Configuration and explicit instructions on what settings to use;
- How to future proof your studio so you can enjoy it continually.

What you will receive:
- We will first discuss your goals and desired setup via message and book a video call;
- During the video call we can discuss further the options you have;
- I will then research on my own time and message you with a recommendation and instructions where applicable.

Why Me ?
- Friendly and professional service provided by someone who loves music and tech.
- I've been working with technology for a long time and have researched a lot for my blog, YouTube channel and podcast. So I've learned a few shortcuts.

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