Music Production Lessons - Ableton Live for $45

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Music Production Lessons - Ableton Live for $45

Learn from an Ableton Live industry expert, who regularly produces and performs live with Ableton under the name Sol Flare. I offer fun and easy practical Music Production & Ableton Lessons & more that are suitable for complete beginners through to advanced and have taught over over 100 students one to one.

Lessons are done via zoom at $45 per hour.

Popular lesson / sessions options often requested -
• Learn how to make a (good) track from beginning to end and all the processors in between.
• Develop existing material of your own further - better mix, sounds, structure, make more exciting, etc.
• Develop your music into a live set with your own particular set up/equipment.
▪ Song writing - structure, lyrics, chords, vocal melody, instrument & sound choice.
▪ Learn a particular genre/artist inside out and how to emulate it yourself.
▪ Dissect a track that you like, learn exactly how it was made.
▪ Developing your own style and traps to avoid
▪ Learn the very basics of Ableton from the very ground up.
▪ How to professional record vocals and process them
▪ How to use effects to make your tracks sound professional
• Any other area you wish to focus on

Learning Ableton Live and music production can be daunting prospect, that’s why I always take the time to find out exactly what a student wants to learn and tailor my Ableton Lessons to their specific needs. I focus on their areas of interest and their favourite musical styles and teach at the rate they like to learn.

If being an Ableton Producer, Performer, Songwriter or DJ is your passion, I’m here to make that happen.
My Bio - Over 20 years experience as a professional music producer. I run my own recording studio, I have produced electronic dance albums, and currently performing in and electronic act with Ableton called Sol Flare (Google - Sol Flare) as well as having DJ'd with Ableton around the world. I've created music for hit tv shows, films & videogames and also have a diploma in music production & sound engineering.

Get in contact today and take your music to the next level!

  • Electronic
  • EDM
  • Techno
  • Trance
  • House
  • Trap

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