As an experienced sound engineer, mixer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, I can help at any point in the realisation of your music. I've worked across a wide range of genres; from acoustic to heavy rock and classical to pop. I can mix or master your project, so drop me a line if you'd like my help in bringing your music to fruition.

I'm a hardworking mixing and mastering engineer, as well as a musician, composer and educator. I'm committed to achieving the best results for all types of musical projects in a friendly, creative and communicative environment.

Records I've recorded and mixed have been played on BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music in the UK and have gained favourable reviews from the likes of The Guardian, Uncut and the Sunday Times:

"This album sounds magnificent."
Last Harbour - 'Your Heart, It Carries The Sound' (Sunday Times, UK)

I have also brought my nearly 20 years of experience to teaching sound engineering to university students in the UK. Now residing in Adelaide, I've just put together a new mixing and mastering studio using my experience of building and running several studios in the UK, and I have to say it's the best sounding room I've ever worked in.

Please get in touch if you want me to bring a professional "radio-ready" sound to your music.

* File delivery and mix process:
- I can deal with any audio file type (AIFF, FLAC, WAV) up to 96kHz, 32bit.
- Ideally, send me all the audio stems bounced out of your project from the same starting point. Avoid clipping and leave plenty of headroom on the tracks, (peaking around -6 to -12db is a good place to aim for). Get in touch if you want me to run you through the process.
- I regularly use Pro Tools, Ableton & Logic and have a vast array of plugins so you could potentially send me the full session file with plugins and all. Please enquire.
- I do 2 mix revisions as standard:
You upload your track, I do the first pass on the mix.
I make any revisions based on your notes and send you the revised mix.
If there are still any small tweaks to be made I'll incorporate them into the final mix and send it on to you.
In the very rare occasions that more revisions are required, that can be discussed on a job by job basis.