Emmy nominated songwriter- will compose from your Lyrics for $399

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Emmy nominated songwriter- will compose from your Lyrics for $399

I'll write a memorable, catchy song with melody, chords and piano arrangement to your lyrics.

Emmy Nominations 2007
#9 Hit song on Blues Americana Radio.
Songs covered by Eddie Kendricks, Lead singer of the Templations (Just My Imagination)
Maria Ball, Grammy nomination, Hit single from her "So Many Rivers" CD
Clients include HBO,
Apple Computer,
CBC Radio,
A&M Records,
Tower of Power,
Library of Congress,
Grammy nominations.
Children's Music, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Country, American Songbook, Gospel, Christian. Soul, EDM, Funk,

Paul Williams (Album of the Year 2014, with Daft Punk)
Phil Galdston (Save the Best for Last, Vanessa Williams)
Steve Dorf (11 Billboard #1 hits, Through the years, Kenny Rogers)
Performed with Stevie Wonder, Burt Bacharach, Smokey Robinson, Willie Nelson. Randy Newman, Donald Fagan (Steely Dan)
I've been a songwriter since 1970, with 15 solo CDs, hundreds of recording sessions on well known recordings.
My solo CD, Doc Goes Hollywood, was arranged and Produced by William Ross, Music director since 2007 of the Academy Awards, Music director for Barbara Streisand.
for an additional fee, (See my other services) I can make a full production demo from your lyrics, and my musical composition.
I've studied music composition at the University of North Texas, learning symphonic orchestration, big band, choir, and Album production.
I learned Album production from my first producer, Narada Michael Walden who produced the biggest selling Album of the 90s, "The Bodyguard Soundtrack" with Whitney Houston. He showed me how to make great records.
For Demo purposes only, not for commercial release
See instructions to buyer concerning publishing, copyrights and other contractual agreements, when booking this service.

  • Pop
  • Country
  • Classical
  • Opera
  • Blues
  • Jazz

Bring Us World Peace

For demo purposes only, I performed all instruments, guitars, vocals, keys, drum programming and arrangement.
  • Bring Us World Peace
  • Bucket Full of Blues
  • Just One Kiss
  • We Can Be Another Hero
  • Riding on a Southbound Train
  • Joy in the Morning

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