Songwriter/Arranger/Orchestrator for $150

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Songwriter/Arranger/Orchestrator for $150


My name is Jon Worthy. I am an artist/producer/singer/songwriter. I am an in house writer/producer for sync company InDigi. Songs I have written have been featured on Netflix (Twenty Something's & Selling the OC), Fox TV ( A Billion Dollar Idea), Dark Harvest (MGM Productions), various indie films, commercials, podcasts, YouTube vloggers, and advertisements. We write songs to briefs for tv/movie, podcast placement opportunities. The songs range from pop to rock, to country to alternative to hip hop to R&B. I have also released over 60 songs on all all major streaming platforms as an artist. Some of my songs have been played in movies, commercials, advertisements, podcasts, radio, and tv. I love hearing a track and re working it to make it more concise. I can work in any genre. My efforts could include writing lyrics, writing melodies, writing music, finishing a song, re arranging a song, or anything to do with songwriting/arranging. I can also take your lyrics and put music to it as well as a vocal melody. Look forward to collaborating!

My gear includes:
-Universal Audio Twin Interface with UA preamps
-Studio Capture 12 channel interface
-Scarlett Focusrite 2 channel input interface
-Shure SM7b mic
-AKG C214 Condenser mic
-2 Shure SM57 mics
-Audio technica AT20 mic
-Fender Super Reverb amp
-Gibson ES 335
-Fender Stratocaster American version
-Fender Telecaster American version
-Martin acoustic road series
-Takimine acoustic dreadnought
-Ibanez bass
-Midi keyboard
-Mini korg synthesizer
-Full drum kit

Universal Audio
Antares Autotune
Native Insturments
Spitifre Audio
Komplete Kontrol
Guitar Rig 6
Superior Drummer 3

  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Country
  • R&B
  • Hip Hop

Soul King

Indie Pop-Jon's vocals
  • Soul King
  • Way With Words
  • Selfie Culture
  • Steady
  • Time Of Your Life
  • Takin' My Time
  • Turn My World Around

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