Songwriter/Arranger/Orchestrator for $150

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Songwriter/Arranger/Orchestrator for $150


My name is Jon Worthy. I am an artist/producer/singer/songwriter. I am an in house writer/producer for sync company Vanacore. Songs I have written have been featured on Netflix (Twenty Something's & Selling the OC), Hulu (The Kardashians), Fox TV ( A Billion Dollar Idea), USA (Love Island), Lifetime (Married at First Sight), Major League Baseball, Dark Harvest (MGM Productions), various indie films, commercials, podcasts, YouTube vloggers, and advertisements. I write songs to briefs for tv/movie, podcast placement opportunities. The songs range from pop to rock, to country to alternative to hip hop to R&B. I have also released over 75 songs on all all major streaming platforms as an artist. Some of my artist songs have also been played in movies, commercials, advertisements, podcasts, radio, and tv. I love hearing a track and re working it to make it more concise. I can work in any genre. My efforts could include writing lyrics, writing melodies, writing music, finishing a song, re arranging a song, or anything to do with songwriting/arranging. I can also take your lyrics and put music to it as well as a vocal melody. Look forward to collaborating!

My gear includes:
-Universal Audio Twin Interface with UA preamps
-Studio Capture 12 channel interface
-Scarlett Focusrite 2 channel input interface
-Shure SM7b mic
-AKG C214 Condenser mic
-2 Shure SM57 mics
-Audio technica AT20 mic
-Fender Super Reverb amp
-Gibson ES 335
-Fender Stratocaster American version
-Fender Telecaster American version
-Martin acoustic road series
-Takimine acoustic dreadnought
-Ibanez bass
-Midi keyboard
-Mini korg synthesizer
-Full drum kit

Universal Audio
Antares Autotune
Native Insturments
Spitifre Audio
Komplete Kontrol
Guitar Rig 6
Superior Drummer 3

  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Country
  • R&B
  • Hip Hop

Soul King

Indie Pop-Jon's vocals
  • Soul King
  • Way With Words
  • Selfie Culture
  • Steady
  • Time Of Your Life
  • Takin' My Time
  • Turn My World Around

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