Modern Pop Songwriting - Melody / Lyrics / Vocal Production for $80

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Modern Pop Songwriting - Melody / Lyrics / Vocal Production for $80

My name is Zach Burch. I am a 22 year old vocalist, singer/songwriter and guitarist currently based in Nashville, TN. For a reasonable price I will work with you to maintain your vision and take your project to the next level with modern sounding melodies and lyrics. I have been writing songs for 10 years, and in the last four years have had the chance to collaborate with other vocalists and producers from my local hometown scene.

I do vocal production and writing in a small project studio. My main microphone is a Slate Digital VMS ML-1 with proper isolation. I track with a Universal Audio Arrow into Pro Tools 12 with basic UAD compression. I use a 15 inch 2017 MacBook Pro with a 2.8 GHz i7 processor, and 16b RAM. For vocal production and mixing I check on a variety of referencing systems, but my main reference monitors are old Passive Alesis Monitor Ones that I have used for years.

1.) MELODY - $50 - I will "blab" on your track. My melody ideas are unique; I can quickly write hooks, using unique & modern writing structures. I understand form and dynamic contrast and in a "blab" I will usually have a good direction with proper consonance and assonance, if not scratch lyrics. I will also provide you with two revisions for melodical "blabs". I will also send three versions of the melody idea, one with basic compression and EQ, one dry, and one mixed with the track with the effects I have in mind.

2.) MELODY WITH FINISHED LYRICS - $80 - I will completely write pop lyrics and melody to any production. I will use input upon your request for work to create a vibe or story lyrically, that is well-thought out, targeted, and very singable/listenable. I will also send the three track versions as outlined above in "1.)".

3.) SONGWRITING FROM LYRICS OR RECORDING - $100-$150 I have found that a lot of clients are talented lyricists but need someone who has experience writing melodies and arranging songs to produce a basic demo for them. I will record acoustic guitar, provide a chord chart, and arrange your lyrics into a song that is effective and listenable. I will send you acoustic, lead vocal, and a two demo stems with this price.

If you plan on working with me I am very excited. However, I want you to get a good product and have a good time working with me (least revisions as possible). Please have a complete song, with a clear form, and a willingness to collaborate! We will work out publishing/licensing splits when you are ready to release.

Unreleased (Off the Phone) ROECO

Melody and Lyrics by Zach Burch and ROECO, Vocal Production by ROECO
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