Modern Pop Songwriting - Melody / Lyrics / Vocal Production for $300

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Modern Pop Songwriting - Melody / Lyrics / Vocal Production for $300

My name is Zach Burch. I am a 24 year old vocalist, singer/songwriter and guitarist. For a reasonable price I will work with you to maintain your vision and take your project to the next level with modern sounding melodies and lyrics. I have been writing songs for 12 years, and in the last five years have had the chance to collaborate with other vocalists and producers from in Nawhville, remotely and in KCMO.

I do vocal production and writing in a small project studio. My main microphone is a Slate Digital VMS ML-1 with proper isolation. I track with a Universal Audio Apollo into Pro Tools 12 with UAD processing. I use a 15 inch 2017 MacBook Pro with a 2.8 GHz i7 processor, and 16b RAM. For vocal production and mixing I check on a variety of referencing systems, but my main reference monitors are Passive Alesis Monitor Ones that I am ultra-familiar with.

1.) MELODY - $120 - I will "blab" on your track. My melody ideas are unique; I can quickly write hooks, using unique & modern writing structures. I understand form and dynamic contrast and in a "blab" I will usually have a good direction with proper consonance and assonance, if not scratch lyrics. I will also provide you with two revisions for melodical "blabs". I will also send three versions of the melody idea, one with basic compression and EQ, one dry, and one mixed with the track with the effects I have in mind.

2.) MELODY WITH FINISHED LYRICS - $300 - I will completely write pop lyrics and melody to any production. I will use input upon your request for work to create a vibe or story lyrically, that is well-thought out, targeted, and very singable/listenable. I will also send the three track versions as outlined above in "1.)".

3.) SONGWRITING FROM LYRICS OR RECORDING - $400-550- I have found that a lot of clients are talented lyricists but need someone who has experience writing melodies and arranging songs to produce a basic demo for them. I will record acoustic guitar, provide a chord chart, and arrange your lyrics into a song that is effective and listenable. I will send you acoustic, lead vocal, and a two demo stems with this price.

If you plan on working with me I am very excited! However, I want you to get a good product and have a good time working with me (least revisions as possible). Please have a complete song, with a clear form, and a willingness to collaborate! We will work out publishing/licensing splits when/if you are ready to release.

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Unreleased (Off the Phone) ROECO

Melody and Lyrics by Zach Burch and ROECO, Vocal Production by ROECO
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