Professional session vocalist, Pop, Soul, Jazz, Standards, Blues, Country, gospel, for $299

In Vocals In Vocals (Male) By John Lee Sanders

Professional session vocalist, Pop, Soul, Jazz, Standards, Blues, Country, gospel, for $299

as a session vocalist on hundreds of major label recordings since the 1970s, Lead and Background vocals, for national jingles, for corporate giants such as Walmart, and many Feature Film and Television Soundtracks,
Emmy Nomination. vocal performance on the CBS show, Bold & Beautiful. Many of the tracks here, were all of my instrumental tracks, as a top session player in San Francisco, Vancouver and a major concert artist in Europe.
Soul Music Legend Bill Withers, asked John Lee to perform lead vocals on his megahit song "Lean On Me" at the Library of Congress in Washington DC,
Background and lead vocals with Tower of Power, 13 solo CDs, including Song of the Year nomination at the 2004 blues Awards, 2007 Emmy Nomination, Song of the Year. I'm using a Neumann TLM 127 as my main vocal mic, with a Universal Audio Tube Preamp outboard gear. I'm also a keyboard, sax player with major label credits, with over 40 years in the recording industry, with many solo CDs and videos available to checkout online, on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Youtube.
Tracks must start at Zero, and a Usage contract agreed and signed before making an order. Also please add 2 measures click, for sync purposes
A lead vocal is a featured performance, so this service is limited to Demos, SOUNDTRACKS, COMMERCIALS, and in some cases, commercial release with higher profile artists, producers or songwriters. Credits of my name on your release are subject to approval. If used in a “sync” deal with movies, tv shows or commercials, an additional payment must be negotiated with the vocalist.
Buyout is negotiable, and serious professional producers, and songwriters with music industry experience. Release ON YOUTUBE, Instagram, Facebook, or other Social media, is conditional on terms negotiable on contract signed in advance.
Selling or streaming your song demo – via any of the online download stores or streaming services – is using a demo to generate income, this puts your demo in a different tier of recording. Generally, this requires the express permission of and an additional payment, as you’ll be using the specific recording of my voice and notoriety to make money. As a side note, I have my own artist career, it is standard practice to either not to list my name or to use a pseudonym in order to keep my artist and demo-singing career separate.

Vocal demo reel #1

Samples of recent lead vocals, Americana, Blues, Soulful Ballads, Crossover Country Rock, KIck it up a Step, with Tower of Power, I performed and produced much of the backing tracks on many of these vocals.
  • Vocal demo reel #1
  • Contemporary and trad Gospel lead vocals
  • Elephant in the Room
  • Pop, jazz, soul, Great American Songbook, Cover songs
  • I Love You and God Bless
  • orchestral pop lead and background vocals
  • In A Daydream

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