Best Saxophone Transcription Service for $35

In Brass, Woodwind 100% Guarantee By Oleg Maximov

Best Saxophone Transcription Service for $35

Do you need your favorite saxophone solo to be transcribed?
Then the service is for you!

I have done a lot of sax transcriptions for my airgigs clients before. Please see the links below for samples.
Please take a look on my main transcription service for reviews(more then 100 5-star feedbacks):

1 gig includes a saxophone instrument part from one song. It could be head + solo, or only solo, as you need.
1 gig includes a transcription for a song no longer then 4 minutes in lenght. If the song lasts longer, then additional payment of $10/minute is required.
Feel free to message me with any questions!
I offer this service as Express(less then 24 hours) = +50%

Here are links to demonstrations of the completed saxophone transcriptions:!AtAts-CT_y-RiPdmInqbu9GU2xP2OQ!AtAts-CT_y-RhZ4mAEcZDBm7BxWfdg!AtAts-CT_y-Rh7cR3aDV7twiwkvtlw!AtAts-CT_y-Rh7Z9rXpjZZxce2WuCw!AtAts-CT_y-RiPhJcvH-awux9kU2Bw!AtAts-CT_y-RiPg7_rILLxS7-AzkOQ!AtAts-CT_y-RiPgyxTiuWzF1LZYTgQ!AtAts-CT_y-RiPgfHBtF_3l6OT0aNg!AtAts-CT_y-RiPkFEIvgnFvX3gY94Q!AtAts-CT_y-RiPgGRitfulBNSG1HTg!AtAts-CT_y-RiPgcXYSRsFAzhXJq0w!AtAts-CT_y-RiPl1LxS5xtXw7dz6Bw!AtAts-CT_y-RiPgNwYV_cJrHv7DBCQ!AtAts-CT_y-RiPkIv-A-jdHZPY2i9g

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