Complete Horn Section Saxophones/Clarinets/Trumpets/Flutes & Arrangements for $120

In Brass, Woodwind By Christian Teran

Complete Horn Section Saxophones/Clarinets/Trumpets/Flutes & Arrangements for $120

I offer woodwind and brass solutions for your project
I have my own Home Studio fully equipped with a Soundproof recording booth, Macbook Pro, Apollo Twin Uad, optional Joeemek Premps, Akg 414 Microphone.

I'm a profesional musician specialiced in woodwind and brass instruments . I offer solutions if you need to record wind instruments.
I have recorded over 100 albums , about 30 filmscores and many , many comercial stuffs , tv shows .
I toured all over the world especially in South América and Europe and played in the most important venues
I offer solutions in woodwind and brass matters.

I play this current list of instruments

Soprano saxophone ( SML King Marigaux)
Alto saxophone ( Selmer Balanced Action)
Tenor saxophone ( Selmer Mark VI)
Barítone saxophone ( Yanagisawa 901)

Bb Clarinet ( Selmer Signature)
Alto clarinet ( Selmer Paris)
Bass clarinet ( Leblanc/Noblet)

Flute (Mehnert)

Trumpet Bb ( Calicchio/Yamaha Custom/ etc)
Trumpet C (Selmer Paris)
Cornet ( Yamaha 6335)
Flugelhorn ( Getzen Custom 3895, Leblanc Sandoval)
Euphonium ( Panamerican)

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  • Latin
  • Reggae
  • Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • World

Big Band

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  • Movie Track

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