Oleg Maximov has more 150 positive feedbacks from about 100 clients fully satisfied with his work as a guitarist, an arranger, a music transcriber and a music notation specialist.
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Some more information:

Oleg Maximov is a professional guitarist, arranger, transcription and notation specialist with a Bachelor of Music degree from Russia’s oldest jazz institution of higher learning – the Moscow State College of Jazz.

He has studied several different styles of guitar playing, from swing and big-band era jazz to bebop, modern jazz, and fusion. He has also studied blues, pop and classical music. His musical training also included studying composition, arranging, harmony and audio engineering.

Oleg Maximov offers a full range of services, including the following:

- Music composition and arranging for various instrumental combinations.
- Transcribing songs, solos and arrangements.
- Guitar recording services of various styles
- Simple audio editing or manipulation services (e.g., slowing down recordings, key changes, deleting vocal tracks)