Music Rotation And Artist Interview And Support On A Kiss FM Radio Station for $1055

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Music Rotation And Artist Interview And Support On A Kiss FM Radio Station for $1055


We are the Music Advisors and Talent Scouts of Kiss FM 102.5 FM, where all music genres are welcome. We are here to assist your song getting rotated there and getting feedback and support to build a real fan base and a valuable Radio History. This is how it works:

1- Please send us your song for approval before purchasing: Your song should have no explicit lyrics, very well produced, and released officially...

2- If we approve it, you will purchase the gig, providing the audio file of your song and the artist info so that we send them to the radio station manager, advising your track for rotation.

3- The radio station manager will accept our advised track since we are that radio's music advisors and will contact you giving his feedback about your song and welcoming it, and informs us after doing this... Then, the radio staff will send us a screenshot proof taken from their internal server playlist proving the airplay placement of your song, as well as an MP3 audio file proof of play that you can use anywhere in your promotion, to send them to you in the gig's delivery, as well as the written interview questions! And when you fill the interview answers and send them to us, we will publish them on a good news platform, where they publish such interviews, and send you the link to promote...

Your song will be rotated 5 times a day, and its Spotify link will be added to the radio station's platinum playlist on Spotify that is continuously promoted in a special way to the radio's listeners and where your track will earn royalties! Order now for awesome exposure!!!

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