BAND BIOS for $149

In Music Promotion 100% Guarantee By Paul Rogers

BAND BIOS for $149

I’ve been in the music business (as an artist, manager, and booking agent) for 30 years. My journalism career began in 2000 and I’ve since written extensively for Revolver, LA Weekly, LA Times, Las Vegas Weekly, Metal Hammer, Dallas Observer, Metal Edge, and more. In 2002 I was approached by a major record label to write artist bios. I really enjoyed the work and it snowballed from there.

I’ve written bios for everyone from multi-platinum household names to unsigned amateurs. I relish the challenge of encapsulating an artist’s story, style and substance concisely, and find great satisfaction in creating a bio that will really be an asset in their promotional campaign – an arresting piece of writing that will get their music heard.

Clients have included:
MEGADETH (Tradecraft/Universal)
THE SOUNDS (Arnioki Records)
PUDDLE OF MUDD (Geffen Records)
IN THE VALLEY BELOW (Capitol Records)
LACEY STURM (Followspot Records)
G.E. SMITH (Saturday Night Live, Hall & Oates etc.)
SUPERJOINT RITUAL (Sanctuary Records)
AMEN (Columbia Records)

My hundreds of interviews as a journalist have included Gwen Stefani, KISS, Shania Twain, Ozzy Osbourne, Willie Nelson, Def Leppard, Simon Cowell, Green Day, Aerosmith etc. . As someone who receives dozens of press kits daily, I really appreciate the value of a well-written bio and understand the ‘triggers’ in the text that will grab the attention of a record label, talent booker, writer, or radio programmer.

I can typically turn bios around in two days and re-writes are included in my initial quote. Basically, I’ll do it until everyone involved is truly excited. I also write press releases, album liner notes, social media/blog posts etc. Please contact me for a quote. I’m always flexible and happy to work within the budgets of unsigned acts. Prices start at just $149 (for a one-page bio or release, with no interview).

“Paul Rogers is always prepared: he knows his subject and asks intelligent questions that demonstrate his knowledge of the artist. He engages the artist in a CONVERSATION that results in a fascinating glimpse article or biography. He's a true pro.” – Heidi Ellen Robinson, publicist (Pixies, Slayer, Greta Van Fleet, Rick Rubin etc.)

“Paul's always a pleasure to work with - he consistently turns in bios the bands approve. Plus, should there be edits, it's no hassle.” – Erik Stein, Universal Records.

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