Heavy rock/metal mix and master for $289

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Heavy rock/metal mix and master for $289

Your one stop service for hard hitting rock, metal and punk mix/master! In addition to high quality mixing and mastering this service includes all edits. Drums need some time aligning? Done! Vocals need tuning? Done! The price includes it all. The parts that wont need touching will be left alone but other than that I will use every tool in my box to make your songs hit hard!

KyySounds is my own business/studio. I am working mainly in-the-box with Pro Tools but I have SSL BIG SIX mixer and few other hardware devices for that analog flavour!

While recording is no doubt the most crucial part of the process a lot of things can still be done in the mixing phase. And if you are planning to use my mixing service and have not yet recorded the songs I am more than happy to give you few tips so that you are able to get the best results with your equipment.

Mastering is the final phase of the process. This is the part where I am making sure that your songs are playing as loud as they should while still retaining desirable amount of dynamics. Some changes to the overall character of the songs can also be made.

The price is for one song! Ask for a special offer if you have multiple songs.

You can find a link for my website through my bio to find out more!

Would love to hear from you!
-Joni Kyynäräinen / KyySounds

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Volucrine, Rajapinta, Generation Boomer and KIPU.

Clips of rock and metal songs I`ve mixed.
  • Volucrine, Rajapinta, Generation Boomer and KIPU.

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