Song mastering for $60

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Song mastering for $60

I am offering online song mastering. I am most familiar with rock/punk/pop/metal and also acoustic stuff. But I am very interested in working with all kinds of music.

KyySounds is my own business/studio. I am working mainly in-the-box with Pro Tools but I have SSL BIG SIX mixer and few other hardware devices that I might use depending on the project.

Mastering is the final phase of the process. This is the part where I am making sure that your songs are playing as loud as they should while still retaining desirable amount of dynamics. Some changes to the overall character of the songs can also be made.

I`ve graduated from Salpaus Further Education and its Vocational Qualification in Music Study Programme in Music Technology. I have also over 15-years of experience playing in different underground bands. During this time I have also recorded, mixed and mastered them although my skills have gone up way more at school.

You can find a link for my website through my bio!

Would love to hear from you!
-Joni Kyynäräinen / KyySounds

Volucrine, Rajapinta, Generation Boomer and KIPU.

Clips of rock/metal songs I`ve worked on.
  • Volucrine, Rajapinta, Generation Boomer and KIPU.
  • Lily Meola, Raja Kumari, Romeo`s Tune, Belot and Grg Zacc

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