Full album 10 songs drum editing done manually for $400

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Full album 10 songs drum editing done manually for $400


I am offering drum editing done manually. No beat detetctive, elastic audio or any other time stretch based techniques. It will be slower this way, but sounds a lot better!

I will go through your tracks 16th notes at a time and make sure the hits wont land more than 16ms off the grid.

I will be editing the tracks in slip mode using group feature to avoid any weird phase issues. Sometimes I might have to edit the kickdrum seperately if the playing is poor and the tempo is fast.

If you have more (or less) than 10 songs you can check your price from the list below and ask for a custom offer!
The prices are as follows:
SINGLE (1 song) 50$ per song
EP (2-4 songs) 45$ per song
ALBUM (5+ songs) 40$ per song

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  • Hard Rock
  • Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Punk

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