Audio Mixing Per Track for $200

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Audio Mixing Per Track for $200

Hello all! I'm Johnnie, a professional mixing engineer from Dayton, Ohio based in Thailand specializing in Nu Soul, RnB, OVO, Trap Soul and Hip Hop. I have 15 years of mixing experience working with a plethora of Asian artists with labels like Sony BMG, Grammy Entertainment, Stone Entertainment, R.S. Promotion along with a host of independent artists.

Your radio broadcast quality mixes will be done in Presonus Studio One 4 and be delivered to you in pristine 24-bit quality. I'll be processing your audio with plugins from Native Instruments, Izotope, Eventide and Waves to bring your song(s) to commercial quality.

The price is based on 35 audio tracks. Delivery time will take 3 days, reason being is because I'd like to test the mix in different environments with fresh ears in order to ensure I've mixed your song to its highest potential.

Better Man

An RnB track in the style of Terrace Martin & Alex Isley
  • Better Man
  • Asking You Nicely

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