Audio Mixing Per Track for $200

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Audio Mixing Per Track for $200

Hello all! I'm Johnnie, a professional mixing engineer from Dayton, Ohio based in Thailand specializing in Nu Soul, RnB, OVO, Trap Soul and Hip Hop. I have 15 years of mixing experience working with a plethora of Asian artists with labels like Sony BMG, Grammy Entertainment, Stone Entertainment, R.S. Promotion along with a host of independent artists.

Your radio broadcast quality mixes will be done in Presonus Studio One 4 and be delivered to you in pristine 24-bit quality. I'll be processing your audio with plugins from Native Instruments, Izotope, Eventide and Waves to bring your song(s) to commercial quality.

The price is based on 35 audio tracks. Delivery time will take 3 days, reason being is because I'd like to test the mix in different environments with fresh ears in order to ensure I've mixed your song to its highest potential.

Asking You Nicely

An RnB track in the style of Robert Glasper, Terrace Martin & Jhene Aiko
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10 Reviews

  1. Review By: Pcburner Apr 9, 2019

    Johhnie is the man. He will bring your song to life!!

  2. Review By: Benji Mar 31, 2018

    Awesome job really pleased. Quick and professional attitude.

  3. Review By: Tbone Mar 29, 2018

    Jay has done it again. I am so very pleased..he has a great ear and not only delivers sonically but managed to correct so imperfections I did not even notice. Its these small touches that make all the difference. He goes the extra distance no fuss because he wants to get ir right...very pleased.can't wait for the next one:)

  4. Review By: Tbone Mar 29, 2018

    Jay is obviously a very experienced and professional engineer. There was no need for a second pass he got it better than expected first time round. I am using him as my go to, its nice to finally have one.

  5. Review By: WONGGEORGE320 Mar 18, 2018

    As well as mix and master I found out Jay is a Top Producer too. So if you song needs fixing...say a timing issue..(which I had actually..drums were messed up!) he can fix...or if your vocals needs a re-tune, he can do it all, he has a very good ear. I have used other cheaper engineers and you get what you pay for...Jay is a great musician/producer which alot of these other guys are not. Don't waste your time or money like I did get the best for your track, its worth it.

  6. Review By: WONGGEORGE320 Mar 18, 2018

    If you want professional radio quality master, something you can put out and use you have come to the right place.
    Jay is the consummate professional. He ticks all the boxes, timley, great attitude and above all he cares. He is honest and won't put out anything that does not sound 100% , Brilliant find.

  7. Review By: chamza Feb 12, 2018

    Thanks! Jay did a great job to mix my song and provided revisions to nail the sound I was looking for.

  8. Review By: Tbone Jan 19, 2018

    Êxceptional work. Broadcast quality. I am already getting airplay.

  9. Review By: Benji Jan 14, 2018

    Without asking J fixed some of the vocals that were..wobbly. He said he would do it to make the track right. So professional, he has a great manner and in the 10 years I have been out-sourcing he not only gives the best service but teh results are staggering. I would put ot up against some of the best.

  10. Review By: WONGGEORGE320 Jan 13, 2018

    I used four other Mix and Master engineers from $75 to $300 on this site and was pretty unimpressed. I was frustrated, no matter what I paid the result was bad. I stumbled across Jay's profile and thank god. Jay cares enough to get it right. He spent time on it to fix the problems and got a Master I am proud of, a Master I can use. It is Radio Broadcast Quality...the levels are hot the mix sizzling. I have already placed further orders ..Can't thank Jay enough..Brilliant.