Song mixing for $189

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Song mixing for $189

I am offering online song mixing. I am most familiar with rock/punk/pop/metal and also acoustic stuff. But I am very interested in working with all kinds of music.

KyySounds is my own business/studio. I am working mainly in-the-box with Pro Tools but I have SSL BIG SIX mixer and few other hardware devices and that I might use depending on the project.

I am also able to take more "productive" approach if needed.

While recording is no doubt the most crucial part of the process a lot of things can still be done in the mixing phase. And if you are planning to use my mixing service and have not yet recorded the songs I am more than happy to give you few tips so that you are able to get the best results with your equipment.

I`ve graduated from Salpaus Further Education and its Vocational Qualification in Music Study Programme in Music Technology. I have also over 15-years of experience playing in different underground bands. During this time I have also recorded, mixed and mastered them although my skills have gone up way more at school.

You can find a link for my website through my bio!

Would love hear from you!
-Joni Kyynäräinen / KyySounds

  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock
  • Hip Hop
  • Pop
  • Folk
  • Metal

Volucrine - Trailblazer

Metal. Recorded and mixed by me.
  • Volucrine - Trailblazer
  • Lily Meola - Daydream
  • Grg Zacc - Bhuntey
  • Skull Altar
  • Rohtokallion Fakiirit - Suohauta
  • JPK - Hahmoja Porttikongissa
  • Volucrine - Graysnow

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