Mixing, Mastering, Pitch Correction, and Audio Editing for $110

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Mixing, Mastering, Pitch Correction, and Audio Editing for $110

Mitchell Hammen is a multi-talented mix engineer, producer and composer from Appleton, Wisconsin. A true master of sound, Mitchell has built a reputation amongst his peers for being the glue that helps bring all the elements of a song together. Best known for his multi-dimensional mixes of R&B and hip-hop

With techniques modeled after some of the most respected engineers (Alex Tumay, MixedbyAli, etc), He has mixed hundreds of Independent, Indie Label, and even Major label releases that have accumulated 21+ million plays on streaming services.

A great mix is one of the most important investments you can make in your music and a vital part of every hit record.

With mixing credits for DDG, Teddy Swims, Famous Dex, Chan's Night Out,Brianna Knight and hundreds of independent/Indie label releases I can guarantee that this is the best quality you will find on Airgig.

No presets - each song will get the time and commitment that is deserves --
Industry Quality
Unlimited track count
Unlimited revisions
Upload 24-bit/32-bit stereo wav
Final mixed files includes full mixed stem breakdown
Guaranteed delivery time based on service type

Quickly get your music mixed and sent back within days. Other features may come at a small fee. I use professional studio equipment along with the signature Steven Slate Digital, Universal Audio, Soundtoys, and Waves plugins for mixing and drum triggering.

Feel free to message me with any questions.

What you'll need: (google drive link)
1. Send a .zip with all of the stems (kick, snare, vocals...) in .WAV or .AIFF formate without any processing
2. Give a brief description of what you want the mix to sound like (artists, bands, inspirations, etc)

Thank you for trusting me with your record.

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I was the Mixing and Mastering Engineer for this project.
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