Label Quality Mix & Master for $250

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Label Quality Mix & Master for $250

Want an extremely high quality mix and master, free production feedback, expert vocal processing, and fast turnaround time? Look no further.

I'd love to chat more about your project.

I primarily use a digital setup with extremely high end analog modeling plugins with some Warm Audio hardware units that I employ to taste. I'm a huge tech nerd with the latest AI equipped plugins and I get amazing results with them (Izotope, Gullfoss, Soothe). No secrets, just fantastic ears, great gear and years of experience.

Top of the line AD/DA conversion (Symphony I/O).

Up to 100 tracks and 20 revisions! But my goal is to make your vision come to life as soon as possible.

Manual Pitch Correction for an additional fee depending on the scope of the project.

Keep on Pouring

Disco Pop Song
  • Keep on Pouring
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