Creative Mix Package: 1 Song - up to 3 mixes ready for use on Radio for $550

In Mixing By Benedict Roff-Marsh

Creative Mix Package: 1 Song - up to 3 mixes ready for use on Radio for $550

If you are tired of Mix Engineers who spend as little time as possible with you and deliver your song back sounding lifeless, this could be what you are looking for. With this gig, you get the kind of approach that you get when working on an album in a studio. We use the time to find different magic in your song.

If you just want a straight mix for a lower price, I have another Job here for that, just understand you get less time from me. This job offers around 20 hours of my time (as opposed to 6 hours for the cheaper job).

I will Mix & Master your track ready for YouTube, Bandcamp etc. Trained in a commercial facility with tape & early digital (yes even NS-10s and Auratones) I have had 30+ years of experience incl. awards for films. I love vocal mixes - Trevor Kidd "Mystify" has 17,000+ views on YouTube.

A Creative Mix is where we build the First Mix (straight mix) and then see what would happen if we did something different. This is more than a simple "can we have a bit more..." A creative Mix is where we try something deeper than the obvious. However, it is not necessarily a Remix (as in 'pull the track apart and EDMize it'). Creative Mixes let us see what else we can find in the track and are one of my favorite things about mixing.

To make this work we need to be open-minded about the track coming back differently. The track may change in genre, era, style, or any other boundary as we explore the Story at a deeper level than just standard mixing. This is the sort of thing that goes on behind the scenes in real mixing sessions for great albums.

Of course, you may keep/use any or all of the mixes (up to 3) that are developed within this process.

Revision count is higher than a straight mix but still needs to be based "on a bit more/less..." and not endless reworking. Talk to me first so we have a clear plan on what we can achieve.

Editing and vocal tuning are not included in this service. This is a mixing only service. Feel free to contact me before ordering so I can get a sense of the source tracks, and the scope of your project.

Track count for this is pretty open but if you know your project is unusual, please send an mp3 first.

I use Reason for everything. That means that I am open to those DAW files if that is your preference.

Get me great raw performances and I can deliver you a Great mix (or three).

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Marina & The Kats - Dirty

Neo Swing
  • Marina & The Kats - Dirty

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