Radio Ready Mix & Master With Award Winning Composer/Engineer for $150

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Radio Ready Mix & Master With Award Winning Composer/Engineer for $150

Are you tired of LOUD but flat and uninspiring feeling mixes? So am I. I never make them. I was Trained in a commercial facility with tape & early digital (yes NS-10s and Auratones) I have had 30+ years of experience incl. awards for films. I love vocal mixes - Trevor Kidd "Mystify" had 20,000+ views on YouTube.

I will Mix & Master your track ready for YouTube, Bandcamp etc.
The $150 above allows for 5 tracks. I price each job uniquely. An mp3 of your rough mix + Track Count is needed to price the job. The more you tell/show me about you and your project, the better I will do for you. I also ask you to research me and my style first.

Mixing is an Artform, not a process. My role is to build the overall Story of your track, expressing that through Balance of the parts supplied. We are looking to build emotional engagement - to make the right people want to play your song again. Beauty applies equally whether we are talking Celine Dion or Cannibal Corpse.

Process: I Mix the material and return the Mix. This is exactly what I hear in the material as presented. If there is an adjustment that you want to the level of something, you may say so. I will allow up to two Revisions. Revisions are small adjustments that I will make & return usually overnight. If you are after several "Creative Mixes" (can we try that in this style?), that is another Package I offer which naturally costs a lot more. Ask first, please.

Editing and vocal tuning are not included in this pricing. This is a mixing-only service. Feel free to contact me before ordering so I can get a sense of the source tracks, and the scope of your project.

I am supposed to talk about gear. You are hiring my mind & my experience. Gear is just a tool. You wouldn't hire a plumber by his brand of spanner! I started my training on tape. I have used just about every DAW. Reason is where I am most creative and work fastest (15 years & counting). I will accept Reason project files if you ask. Creativity is what matters. If a record sounds bad, it is simply that someone isn't well-skilled. No one ever complained about Dire Straits "Brothers In Arms" which is DDD.

Get me great raw performances and I will deliver you a great mix.

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think+sync - Nights In White

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  • think+sync - Nights In White
  • think+sync - Nights in White 1979 Mix

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