Radio Ready Mix & Master With Award Winning Composer/Engineer for $150

In Mixing By Benedict Roff-Marsh

Radio Ready Mix & Master With Award Winning Composer/Engineer for $150

Are you tired of LOUD but flat and uninspiring feeling mixes? So am I. I never make them. I was Trained in a commercial facility with tape & early digital (yes even NS-10s and Auratones) I have had 30+ years of experience incl. awards for films. I love vocal mixes - Trevor Kidd "Mystify" has 20,000+ views on YouTube.

I will Mix & Master your track ready for YouTube, Bandcamp etc.

Mixing is an Artform, not a process. My role is to build the overall Story of your track, expressing that through Balance of the parts supplied. We are looking to build emotional engagement - to make the right people want to play your song again. Beauty applies equally whether we are talking Celine Dion or Cannibal Corpse.

If looking for Production advice, please consider the full Creative Mix pack as that allows the extra time. I will happily tell you if I want to mix a track or not before we start so feel free to contact me.

I will Mix the material and send over the Mix. This is exactly what I hear in the material as presented. If there is an adjustment that you want to the level of something, you may say so. I will allow up to two Revisions. Revisions being small adjustments that I will make & return usually overnight. If you are after several "Creative Mixes" (can we try that in this style?), that is another Package I offer which naturally costs a lot more. Ask first, please.

Editing and vocal tuning are not included in this pricing. This is a mixing only service. Feel free to contact me before ordering so I can get a sense of the source tracks, and the scope of your project.

Any reasonable track count is probably ok. If in doubt over your 67-part kazoo & rubber-band orchestra, ask me first, please. An mp3 of your rough mix is needed to hear the work.

I am supposed to talk about gear. You are hiring my mind & my experience. Gear is just a tool. You wouldn't hire a plumber by his brand of spanner! I started my training on tape. I have used just about every DAW. Reason is where I am most creative and work fastest (12 years & counting). I will accept Reason project files if you ask. Creativity is what matters. If a record sounds bad, it is simply that someone isn't well skilled. No one ever complained about Dire Straits "Brothers In Arms" which is DDD.

Get me great raw performances and I can deliver you a Great mix.

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